What is bathmate hydro-max ?

Originally created in 2006 to help a friend who is unable to achieve an erection, the Bathmate pump stands out from the competition in many ways. Like all pumps, Bathmate creates vacuum pressure, forcing blood into the penis to create a firm erection, which essentially exercises the penis like any other muscle.

Unlike other penis pumps, the Bathmate hydro pump doesn't use air to create a vacuum - the entire system is water based. This means that we can create a much more effective and absolutely equal level of pressure without any risk, while exercising the penis in its most relaxed state.

This creates tangible and incomparable results. As we have said, more than 72% of users saw growth after a month of regular use, while 79% reported harder erections. The numbers don't lie - neither does our 60 day guarantee.

The Bathmate works when you force water out of the tube by pressing the bellows. When you release the bellows, blood is pushed into your penis by your heart to resist the change in pressure in the tube. This is a natural process and Bathmate works with your body to minimize stress on your heart.

Many people have bought Bathmate to enlarge their penis size, but unfortunately the internet is full of false claims and contra-claims regarding the true efficacy of this treatment. It seems logical that using your Bathmate regularly to fill your penis with lots of oxygen-rich blood will have a positive effect over time. You should also expect to use the pump regularly, just like any sport - you don't get a bodybuilding physique just by going to the gym once a week!

Bathmate told me the true value of using Bathmate Hydromax is to improve penis health. It seems that I will soon notice that my erection is recovering. Well, it's worth a try right?

Pump with the most complete model


Don't worry anymore about a curved penis because with a Bathmate pump, a stronger and straighter penis will be achieved. This is the advantage of a water-based pump that creates a more stable reckoning power.


By increasing blood flow to the penis, Bathmate allows you to reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


The Bathmate pump has been medically supported. You can achieve erections that are stronger, harder, and over time have the potential to get permanent inches both long and thick.


Combine all the benefits of Bathmate and your last sexual stamina will reach its peak - last longer than ever and worry about finishing too early will disappear


Stronger erections, longer endurance and no fear of weakness - many Bathmate customers have highlighted how their confidence skyrocketed both inside and outside the room!


A stronger and bigger erection will definitely help stamina, so you don't need to worry about premature ejaculation anymore

Bathmate Advantage Types

Interim Results - After using Hydromax for 10-15 minutes, I found an increase of 0.25 inch along the length and 0.75 inch along the circumference. The flabby hanging size has also increased. The changes are more remarkable for beginners, but there are also visible advantages to my position. Temporary growth will only last for a day. It's best to use it for a few hours before sex (because the condom is tighter, you should buy a condom that is relatively larger).

Permanent Results - Instantaneous results are permanent if the device is used regularly for a longer time. You will find it similar to exercises related to muscles. For example, in the case of lifting weights, the muscles feel bigger and more pumped and return to their original state after hours. With consistent training, the muscles will grow and the size will be maintained. This also applies to Bathmate Hydromax as the expansion of the penile tissue after the pump is somewhat similar to muscle tissue.

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